Two Brand Marketing Ideas to Gain more Market share

By September 2, 2019 No Comments

Almost every product category which we could imagine has these FOUR segments.

Here’s the case of ‘water’ category;

1.Super Premium (Voss)

2.Premium (Evian)

3.Mid-segment (Bisleri)

4.Low-end (Rail Neer)

Two thoughts based on this..

1. Category First, Brand Second;

If we understand the various market segments and position our product properly based on our core competencies, we can gain more market share.

2. Perception Matters;

Consumers in each of the above segments think and behave differently.

They consume different content. Their lifestyle and status are different. Their affiliations are different.

So, the pricing, packaging, advertising, content, media and distribution – all these things have to be decided keeping their worldview in mind.


Disclaimer : Price of the products mentioned here are taken from Amazon India and might vary based on quantity, region and distribution channel.

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