If you do marketing well,
selling becomes effortless.

If you do brand well, both marketing
and selling become effortless.

Rajesh’s speaking session can transform
the way you think about business challenges.

Rajesh’s innovative Marketing insights, frameworks and stories will certainly make the audience think strategically. As a Marketing Thought Leader, Rajesh has been invited to deliver keynote sessions on Modern Marketing and Branding to the Corporate Leaders, Business Owners and Senior Management Executives of the Fortune 500 companies. He has also been invited to speak in various Management Conclaves and in-house company events.

Keynote – Topics

Duration – 45 to 90 min

Rajesh’s topics on Marketing and Branding are unique, seed a fresh perspective and trigger new ideas in the minds of his audience.

New Rules of Branding

The rules of branding have changed dramatically. Companies that win today are the ones who understand this dramatic shift in Consumer’s buying behaviour and media consumption pattern.

The locus of the strategy has been slowly shifting from upstream (production and manufacturing) to more downstream which is consumer’s attention, trust, distribution and media strategy.

Key Learning Points

  • Secrets to Build your Brand Credibility in the new age of digitalization.
  • New age Consumer-Decision Making Model to propel Growth.
  • Media framework to grab your customer’s attention and trust.
  • Unique ways to engage with your audience at every step of their buying journey.
  • Power of User-Generated Content in Consumer Decision making.
  • The secret to build your Brand Credibility

Think like a Media Company

Today, because of its interruptive nature, consumers pay little attention to conventional advertising. They rather spend more time on consuming engaging educational and entertainment content in the social media.

In this backdrop, it becomes important for the marketers to orient themselves to gain attention & trust of their audience. This keynote session will offer a unique framework with case studies to play the media game and win the hearts of your audience.

Key learning

  • Why conventional advertisements are ineffective in today’s social media world?
  • How to use the new age media landscape to drive Brand awareness and perception? 
  • Case Studies from the world’s best brands who have adopted the media-company mind-set.
  • A unique framework to drive your media strategy.

Brand building through Storytelling

“The most effective way to build a Brand in the noisy and media-cluttered world is not to talk about features and benefits but to tell a powerful story” – Steve Jobs

World’s best brands don’t just sell their products, they apply the Universal Principles of ‘Storytelling’ which helps them to connect with their consumers at an emotional level and differentiate it from the competition.

Key learning

  • Why is storytelling a powerful way to differentiate a brand?
  • Create a unique brand identity using Universal character archetypes and story plots (with case studies)
  • Transform from being a commoditized-player in the industry to a highly differentiated brand.
  • Learn how to build a meaningful brand by connecting deeply with the emotions of your audience.
  • Build Brand equity (awareness, recall and recognition) which naturally leads to increased consideration and purchase.

Why an entire Company is a Marketing Department?

“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department alone.”
– David Packard, Co-Founder,

The idea behind this keynote session is to bring alignment between all the functions of an organization across the value chain (be it Product Development, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Distribution) to think like a Marketer so that they become more customer-centric.

Key learning

  • Secrets to develop a robust internal culture, break silos and drive the competitive energy outside the organization.
  • How to convert Employees / Customers as the Brand ambassadors.

Bespoke (Tailor-made sessions)

Rajesh can also customize his content based on the needs of the audience. You may have a word with him about your specific requirements.

Workshop – Growth Accelerator Program

Duration – 6 hours

The 4-step Marketing Success Formula to grow your Business.

How to Choose a specific target market.

Learn how to choose and ideal customer segment and customer avatar based on the following;

  • Demographics (Age, profession, gender)
  • Psychographic (pain points, needs)
  • Geographics (where do they live)

At the end of this session, the participants will be able to understand how to choose a specific target market for their business.

Create a Unique Value Proposition (Marketing message)

  • What problem you are solving?
  • Why should someone buy from you instead of the competition?
  • Various ways to create a Unique Value proposition (powerful Marketing message for your business.
  • PASTOR framework to write a highly converting marketing message.

At the end of this session, the participants will be able to understand how to create a unique and powerful marketing message.

Choose the right media for your target market.

  • Identify where your target audience hangs out.
  • How to reach them cost-effectively?
  • List of media you can use to attract customers.
  • Advantages/disadvantages of various media.

At the end of this session, the participants will have an idea of how the media landscape works, and what media will fit their business and choose it wisely without wasting money.

Sell more to your existing customers by evangelising customer lifetime value.

  • Understand the concept of Customer lifetime value and its importance in the long-term profitability of the business.
  • Various ways to sell more of your products / services to your existing customers.
  • How to increase the revenue and profitability using RFM technique (Recency,
    Frequency & Money)

At the end of this session, the participants will be able to understand how customer retention can help boost their sales revenues and profitability.

Revenue maximisation framework

3 ways to exponentially increase the revenues of your business.

Workshop will have 7 practical worksheets in the form of a template which help the participants to learn and implement the ideas in their business.

The key objective of the workshop is to help the participants to create an effective Marketing Strategy through which they can Attract, Convert and Retain the customers and increase their sales and profits quickly.

Partial Client’s List

“Rajesh Srinivasan’s keynote session on "Brand Loyalty”, was an extremely lucid and thought provoking session for all the Mutual Fund distributors and Investment Advisors. He brought home the message of various aspects of brand loyalty and how small businesses can easily imbibe simple habits that would make their customers loyal.”

Babu KrishnamoorthyCEO, Finsherpa Investment Services

“It was a pleasure to have Mr Srinivasan’s participation at the Realty+ Conclave - “Digital Marketing Playbook for Real Estate” as a Keynote Speaker. His interactive session was much appreciated by the renowned real estate developers for the crisp and clear information on new ways of digital marketing.”

Sapna SrivatsavaEditor, Realty Plus

“Rajesh’s in-depth knowledge about marketing and the passion to keep him updated makes him an outstanding professional in the marketing domain. We were privileged to have him for the keynote sessions at ET Edge. His unique insights helped us deliver some great conferences.”

Krishna MukherjeeSenior Manager, Times Group

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