4 ways to grow your Career using Ansoff’s Growth Matrix

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We all know how Ansoff’s Growth matrix is useful in identifying the growth avenues for a business.

I thought about modelling it for our career growth..

Here’s how..

Before we get into the steps, let’s make these two assumptions;


2.And the INDUSTRY is the MARKET we serve.

Based on these assumptions, here are the 4 ways to grow our career;

1. Industry Penetration Strategy:

Use your Existing Skill set to grow further in the SAME industry. (Low risk)

2. Industry Development Strategy:

Use your Existing skill set to grow in a Different industry. (Medium risk)

3. Skill Development Strategy:

Develop new Skill set to differentiate yourself in the Existing industry. (Medium risk)

4. Diversification:

Develop new skill set for a totally New Industry. (High risk, High reward)

If our existing skill set and industry has become extinct and too competitive, we can consider diversification.

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