Rajesh’s Best-selling Book reveals
a 4-step Marketing Success Formula
to Grow your Business.


Inside the book

  • Three categories of consumers based on buying behaviour and understanding who is important to you.
  • How Domino’s Pizza and FedEx dominated their market by crafting a killer unique selling proposition for their customers.
  • Four questions to ask whenever you struggle to attract the right customers.
  • How to segment your existing customers and make more profits from them.
  • A powerful way to add credibility to your marketing message.

The starting point of any marketing strategy is to craft a killer value proposition to a specific target market.

– Rajesh Srinivasan

Learn the powerful 4-Step
Marketing Success Formula and
use it in practically any market.

The No.1 reason why most businesses fail to grow quickly is because they do not have a clear marketing strategy for their business.
Introducing MARKETING SUCCESS FORMULA – The proven and results-based marketing system that can help you;

  • Attract customers, clients and patients who are pre-determined to do business with you.
  • Create a killer value proposition and marketing message that resonates with your customers.
  • Have a right media strategy for continuous flow of leads every day.
  • Generate more sales and profits from your existing customer base.


“The Four Step Marketing Success Formula” offers the marketers a tool to sell their products and services to the target prospects. The steps offered in the book comprise of simple, yet insightful, techniques and methodologies. I am sure, when implemented, marketers will definitely benefit from it.”

Daniel JosephSales and Leadership Coach (Author of the Book – Sales Pro)

“Rajesh’s book ‘Marketing Success Formula’ has deep insights on how smart marketing techniques can have a direct impact on sales and profits. A highly recommended read for start-up Founders, CEOs and Marketing Heads.”

Kiruba ShankarPresident, Professional Speaker Association of India, Global Speaker, Author, Digital Marketing Professor

“Rajesh Srinivasan's "Marketing Success Formula" is a compelling guide for any entrepreneur who needs to get their marketing strategy right the first time. He has tapped into his vast experience in the field of marketing to design a step-by-step marketing strategy that is guaranteed to succeed.”

Rajkumar KrishnanInformation Management Officer,
United Nations, New York.

“Brilliant and easy to understand guide by Rajesh for any startup or an entrepreneur who is looking to expand his/her business. Absolutely simple and easily implementable ideas.”

Sharath KumarRegional General Manager – Sales (Wipro – GE Healthcare)