Do you want a Modern Marketing Playbook to Grow your Business?

Get Rajesh Srinivasan
as your Outsourced CMO

Rajesh works with the entrepreneurs as their Outsourced CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and use his unique marketing and branding frameworks to scale up and grow their business without wasting huge resources. Through his 'Discovery Session', he will scan your business inside out and will reveal the Truths and Hidden opportunities that can be leveraged for your company's growth.

His Marketing Strategy & Growth Consulting includes:

  • Go-to-Market Plan with the absolute clarity on the potential Market Segments, Right Value proposition and Media strategy.
  • Customer acquisition and retention strategy.
  • Brand strategy to win the minds and hearts of your market.
  • PR strategy to position the CEO and top company executives as the thought leaders in the industry.
  • Accelerate growth using exponential marketing tools.

6 Reasons why

you should have Rajesh

as an Outsourced CMO

  • Reinvent your value proposition and customer segments (products/services) and strongly differentiate your business from the competition.
  • Identify the Vital Few Drivers of Growth inside your business (profitable products/customers/services/stores/employees)
  • Customer Retention Game Plan – to transform your relationship with your existing customers and leapfrog your revenues.
  • Hidden Opportunity Identifier will scan your business and reveal you the growth opportunities where you are leaving tons of cash on the table.
  • A Brand Development Framework which is unique to your business.
  • Cost effective Advertising strategies to build brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • Strength-Finder will help you find your businesses core strength and how you can further develop as your unbeatable competitive advantage.
  • Insights to Top Management Team on various growth avenues both internally and externally.