The most critical 21-st century skill a Marketer can have..

By March 20, 2018 No Comments

Marketing has reached a stage where every medium and activity has become a commodity. Everybody has access to everything.

What separates a great Marketer from a good one is ‘discernment’.   I believe it is The most critical skill the 21-st century marketer can have (or any business professional).

If we jump into ‘action’ part without understanding the basic principles that affects our business, we will end up in never-ending negative spiral of ‘Action – Lessons – Action – Lessons’.

Instead of looking for a next big thing or trend and become reactive to the competition. The most creative marketer understands the underlying principles that affects his/her category and focus their efforts on those few critical elements.

Take any industry or function, few fundamental principles govern the overall aspects of it.

Are we devoting 80% of our time in those 20% critical fundamental principles that drives the whole business?

Rajesh Srinivasan