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7 Strategies to Propel your Career

By June 19, 2018 No Comments

1. Identify an industry (or a niche) which is fast growing (at least 20-30% per year)

2. Identify a company which is the leader (or in 2nd or 3rd position) in that fast growing market.

3. Choose a functional area which you are passionate about. Your chances of reaching the top are high, if you identify this very early in the career.

4. Know that it’s not just talent, it’s the wave you ride on (based on #1 and #2) determines your success. You end up being lucky.

5. Sharpen the Axe : Always be Learning and an early adopter of new technologies and trends

6. Diversity is the cornerstone of innovation. Collaborate and network with people who are totally different from you.

7. First principles thinking – Focus on the fundamental principles and strategies which is driving the whole industry and be adept at it. Don’t fall in love with tactics.

Rajesh Srinivasan