How Yin and Yang shape Business Strategy

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The Yin and Yang philosophy tells us the existence and interplay of opposing forces in life.

Yin represents the passive, while Yang symbolizes the active.

Yin embodies darkness while Yang embodies light.

Yin is associated with intuition and introspection while Yang is associated with action and outward expression.

Together, they illustrate balance and interconnectedness in all aspects of life.

The Yin and yang is also a wonderful business strategic principle.

It can guide us to find a strategic positioning.

It reveals that where there’s a low-cost player in the market, there can also exist an opposing force – a premium market.

Where automation thrives, there’s room for personalization to counterbalance.

Where there’s standardization, there’s also space for customization.

Where there is specialization, there is diversification.

Where there is accessibility, there is exclusivity.

Where there is a functional need, there is an emotional need.

Where there is global, there is local.

Where there is bundling, there is unbundling.

The key insight is that the competition can always inform the strategist that what is that opposing force is.

Competition analysis can be more than benchmarking.

It can be to find that opposing force in the market and make use of it.

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