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5 Marketing Lessons from Saregama’s Caravan – A multi-purpose portable music player for the music lovers.

By March 16, 2019 No Comments
  1. One critical factor for any marketing success is to clearly identify a target segment, know their pain points and deliver a product based on it. Caravaan has targeted the 40 plus audience who loves music but find it too complicated to download their favorite songs from the existing tech devices.
  1. Innovation is not always about identifying some new trends or sub-culture. Breakthrough product ideas can come when we try to combine an old/existing culture with the new technology. (Old songs delivered in the radio format)
  1. When the entire tech world is enamored with Millennials and Gen-Y, Saregama has identified a market gap (no tech-product for old-time music lovers aged above 40 years) by deeply understanding its market need (i.e customer insight)
  1. Product in the radio-format is also great idea because Gen X, baby-boomers & traditionalists (their target segment) are not that great at technological adoption. Radio also evokes their memory about the old music listening experience.
  1. Simplified product portfolio for each customer segment (based on the language, artists and moods).

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