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This Print Advertisement by OnePlus has some of the Best Practices in Marketing

By August 5, 2018 No Comments
Rajesh Srinivasan

Oneplus – a smartphone brand has released a print ad in Times of India (on August 2nd, 201). They have used the report of the Market Research firm, Counterpoint which states the growing market share of Oneplus Smartphones over other brands like Samsung and Apple.

Here are some of the best practices I have observed in the advertisement;

1) The Headline copy – OnePlus Surpasses Samsung & Apple To Lead the Growing Indian Premium Segment During Q2 2018 is definitely an attention-grabber with a strong social-proof, induces herd-mentality and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) inside the minds of the consumers.

(Everybody is now buying OnePlus smartphone it means it is really good and you don’t have to think too much – this is what the brand intend to communicate to the audience). I believe they would succeed in this attempt.

2) Credibility for the Message – Using a third party firm’s report would give more credibility to the message (What others talk about us will have more impact than what we talk about our own self). A lesson for advertisers who always try to blow their own trumpet.

3) Long copy will also be effective – There is always a debate in advertising world that which one would work better, long or short copy. But this long copy ad of OnePlus will definitely motivate a smartphone aspirant to read the ad fully since it is written in news-style and proper structuring of the ad (proper sentence break, layout of the ad) with a graph clearly indicates the data.

The usage of third-party testimonial (from the Research Director of the firm – a micro-influencer) is also a good way to establish credibility.

Overall, it is a clutter-breaking front-page print ad with lot of best practices in Marketing (use of Social Proof, Herd Mentality and FOMO)

Good work, OnePlus team.

Rajesh Srinivasan