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Mindful Marketing Cartoons

‘Mindful Marketing’ is a series of pocket cartoons that apply the lens of humour and sarcasm to amplify the prevalent (mis)practices that hamper organizations in their marketing, branding and other initiatives.

I began this endeavour in early 2022 in collaboration with Arun Ramkumar, a cartoonist and brand designer. These cartoons are loved by the business community and widely shared in social media across the world.

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Highly rated Keynote Speaker
and Marketing Strategist.

Rajesh Srinivasan is a Modern Marketing Strategist, 2x Author and a Tedx Speaker. His mission is to Turn Organizations into Centres of Marketing Excellence.

A sought-after keynote speaker, Rajesh has delivered more than 150 speeches, workshops and mastermind sessions in the last five years and positively impacted more than 4500+ industry leaders.

As a Marketing Strategy Consultant, Rajesh works with entrepreneurs and business heads and supports them in their go-to-market, brand positioning and growth strategy.

Rajesh has delivered keynote sessions at the business conclaves like World Marketing Congress and The Economic Times Marketing Leaders’ Summit. He has been appointed as one of the Jury Board members for the Economic Times – Most Promising Tech Marketers’ Award – 2020 & 21.


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“Rajesh's keynote session at the Global Marketing Congress was so insightful, I have never thought about being Media-Centric and it has given me a lot of food for thoughts and ideas to plan my marketing plan. Thank you Rajesh for sharing your energy and expertise with us”

Claire Boscq-ScottGlobal Customer Service Guru, Author of the book – Thriving by caring.

“I firmly believe Rajesh Srinivasan’s strategic orientation towards
marketing will add great value to the companies.”

Rajeev KumraDean & Professor - Marketing, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (Noida Campus)

“Rajesh’s speaking session was very well received by our team with a lot of relevant insights.
His level of knowledge and articulation was mind blowing.”

SridharRegional Manager, ITC

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The most dangerous shopping behavior which can hinder the sales of the physical retail stores

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5 Key Differences between Direct Marketing and Brand Marketing

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