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Rajesh helps entrepreneurs build and grow profitable businesses with his unique Marketing Success Formula. An active marketing researcher, his curiosity primarily lies in studying the underlying principles of marketing and human behaviour which helps organizations to strategize effectively. He draws inspiration from nature, war and philosophy to solve the business challenges.

He is the author of the book – Marketing Success Formula and the creator of the 4-STEP Marketing Process which can help companies to attract the right customers, increase their sales and profits without wasting huge money on advertising.

He brings his 15 years of marketing experience and 41 years of life experience to the table. He has successfully failed in one entrepreneurial venture at the age of 21, built and sold a small FMCG company ‘Kitchas pappad’ to the local manufacturer in Tamilnadu at the age of 24.

Brand storytelling’ workshop at
National Institute of Fashion Technology,

Mastermind session on ‘Niche Marketing and Growth strategies’ for ULO Hotels (a Chennai-based Budget Hotels start-up.)

Rajesh in a Panel Discussion on ‘Career options in Sales & Marketing’ at SRM School of Management, Chennai.


4-step Marketing Success Formula

How to attract the right customers, increase the sales and profits of your business without wasting huge money on advertising.


Keynote delivery – 1 hour
Workshop / Seminar – 1 day

Program Coverage & Benefits

  • How to choose the right target market for your business? (The no.1 success factor in any marketing)
  • How to create an effective value proposition and marketing message which will magnetically attract customers to your business?
  • How to choose the right media to effectively market your business without wasting money?
  • Three effective strategies to increase the profits from your existing customers.
  • How to use 80/20 principle to eliminate the advertising waste and increase the sales conversions.
  • Many other practical ideas to grow your business and improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

What people say about Rajesh

I appreciate the way in which Rajesh has made the students understand the topic using relevant
case studies and real-life examples. It shows his passion in teaching and in-depth knowledge in Marketing and Branding.
I vouch that he is the right person to be called as "Marketing Evangelist".

Dr. B N Malar SelviProfessor, Department of Fashion Management Studies, NIFT

Rajesh’s Marketing Mastermind session is an eye-opener for us at ULO Hotels.
His niche marketing and growth strategies have helped us to recognize market opportunities.

ViswanathanChief Executive Officer, ULO Hotels

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